KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoes – Outstanding Hiking Shoe Technology

KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoes – Outstanding Hiking Shoe Technology

Did you think KEEN only made sandals? Think again. The KEEN Targhee II is a superb hiking shoe that comes in lowtop or hightop. Whether you want to do a little day hiking or just take a casual stroll through the park, you’ll find this model the perfect choice.

The KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane ensures that no matter what environment you prefer, your Targhee shoes will stay dry inside so your feet do, too. Yet, the technology is so advanced, it’s breathable to allow for wicking moisture from the inside, as well. Your feet stay comfortable, odor free, and healthy at all times.

Thanks to the 4mm directional lugs, these shoes bite well into any terrain to keep you stable. Traction control is excellent thanks to the design and materials. At the same time, the ESS shank means you have superb torsional stability over any kind of ground. Get even more mid-ankle support with the mid-cut height for traveling through canyons and over mountain tops.

The S3 heel support structure means maximum function for that critical area. Since it guards against shocks, provides superb suspension, and ensures high stability, the S3 is aptly named. It’s engineered to keep impacts from being transmitted up through the Achilles tendon and into the calves, so you have less fatigue. It also reduces the odds of twisting an ankle, no matter how rough the ground you pound.

The Metatomical footbed design provides an internal support system to match. It’s ergonomically intelligent to ensure that the shoes’ contours meet your own flawlessly. Arch support is superb and the shoe cradles you without gaps that can produce blisters on the trail. Add in a dual-density compression-molded EVA midsole and you’re assured of the finest ‘ride’ a hiking shoe can deliver.

With KEEN.PROTECT technology, you can also rest assured that your toes will always be safe inside your Targhee II hiking shoes. Not just a clever marketing tag, the patented toe protection is brought to a peak in this model. While the lower outsoles provide a surefooted walk, it continues up over the toes for complete security.

The outsole also provides protection for what you walk on. Don’t worry about stopping at that nice little restaurant off the trail. Wood floors never have to fear a scuff mark from your Targhee II hiking shoes, thanks to a non-marking rubber outsole. Wet or dry, these shoes don’t just look great, they perform great also.

Your preference might be the Forest Night/Leather Brown hightops. Or you might go for the lowtop Monument/Amaranth. Others will dig the hightop Walnut, and someone else will like the Slate Black/Brindle best. No matter your personal style preference – and there are a dozen Targhee II models from which to choose – you get the same outstanding hiking technology.

Pick your walking environment, then choose your style. Then seek adventure knowing your KEEN Targhee II hiking shoes will take you there with ease.

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